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About i-Rental Software

Our rental software is a web based program to manage a database of videos, equipment or any loaned resource. Users are able to browse the database to search for checked out and available items. They are able to check out items themselves or make a request to an administrator to check an item out. The software is meant to be as simple as possible so a user can quickly search for what they need and checkout an available rental. Our intent is to make it as easy as possible for the user to view and checkout a rental.

An administrator is able to manage the status of all resources through a similar web interface. New equipment or resources can easily be inserted into the database for users to rent.

Typical Applications

The rental program can be used by libraries to manage books, video stores for video checkout, and any other business that needs to manage a large number of items that can be checked out by customers.

Customizable Features

Our rental software can be customized to whatever resource you are lending out . Furthuremore we can implement your checkout rules and conditions that are specific to your loan policies. The software can be set up with individual user accounts or a generic password for anyone to use to checkout equipment.


Pricing depends on the number of users . For upto 100 users the monthly hosting and support fee can range from USD 10-20 per month. The pricing also includes our maintenance of your version of the code.
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